Stormwind Properties

Dear Domni,

You expressed interest in the Stormwind area and so I localized my search and found four promising properties to show you. All the properties are fully furnished and available for rent on a monthly basis. I had to speculate on your wishes somewhat, since you still haven’t told me what you’re up to. Why the secrecy?! You always have your reasons; therefore, I’ll wait patiently until you decide to share your plans. Please take a look through these lovely properties and tell me which one you like. I’ll set up an appointment with the respective landlord as soon as you are ready.

I’ve included photos of each of the locations so that you can survey them before you visit.


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Letter of Completion

Dear Emmet and Domni,

I have secured your charter and made the arrangements with the bank manager. In order to push the charter through in time for the deadline you specified, I paid off some rather unsavory fellows. I cleared their names out of the official documents as soon as I had everything in order. I doubt that they will trouble you in the future. There are still a few small details to be worked out; however, I think you will find my work satisfactory. It is, as always, a pleasure to do business with both of you. I cannot say that I entirely understand your decisions on this matter, but I trust that you know best. Please meet me at the steps of the Stormwind Counting House at the first bell tomorrow. I have hired a mage to assist us in finding a suitable location for your venture. He has agreed to provide transportation throughout all of the major cities for a reasonable fare. I suggest that Emmet attend as well. While the mage is trustworthy, I wouldn’t mind having someone there to make sure he doesn’t portal off without us.



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