Stormwind Properties

Dear Domni,

You expressed interest in the Stormwind area and so I localized my search and found four promising properties to show you. All the properties are fully furnished and available for rent on a monthly basis. I had to speculate on your wishes somewhat, since you still haven’t told me what you’re up to. Why the secrecy?! You always have your reasons; therefore, I’ll wait patiently until you decide to share your plans. Please take a look through these lovely properties and tell me which one you like. I’ll set up an appointment with the respective landlord as soon as you are ready.

I’ve included photos of each of the locations so that you can survey them before you visit.

Property #1: Waterfront Cottage

This lovely property is right on the Stormwind Canal and features two lovely stories. The lower sitting area has a quaint reading room and there is a dinette on the upper story.

Madame Emma is the landlord and is renting out the property for 450g per month. Be warned that she will visit often, but she’s a lovely woman and well-respected in Stormwind.

Property#2: Cutthroat Alley

Don’t let the name fool you. This property is quiet and inviting. Nestled between the Dwarven District and the Cathedral Square, the property features a modest taproom that leads to a lovely secluded alley and a two story, one-bedroom living space.

The living space is complete with a dining area and a reading room on the lower story and a gorgeous bedroom and reading room on the upper story. You’ll love the exposed beams and handcrafted stained windows. The landlord wasn’t available to meet me in person, but his contact said the property was available for rent at 1000g per month.

Properties #3 and #4: Stormwind Park Taverns

If you’re looking for a business venture, the Stormwind Park has fabulous properties, including several shops and two taverns. The architecture is magnificent and is only found within the Park and Mage districts of Stormwind. Kelly and Kimberly Grant are renting out the properties. Tavern #1 is a humble space with plenty of room for dancing and entertaining. It’s available for 1600g per month.

Tavern #2 is a larger space with a full bar, and a kitchen and wine cellar on the lower story. There are several tables for dining, as well as additional seating upstairs. It’s available for 2000g per month.
If you aren’t up for the investment quite yet, the Grant sisters rent out the spaces for special events as well. The Stormwind Park also features a Moonwell and well-tended gardens.

Let me know what you decide. I’ve told the property owners that you and Emmet might come by to inspect each of the locations.

~ Galliane

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